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Chill out in stressful situations

I’ve discovered cats are the ultimate yogis…

Chill out in stressful situations
Chill out in stressful situations

I don’t mean they’re agile, flexible or calm. But what they can do is remain totally in the moment and relaxed when in stressful situations.

As I race around the house trying to get my three children ready for school or become overwhelmed at the length of my to-do list, I often notice my Tortoiseshell, Coco sprawled out in a precarious position – totally chilled.

Her favourite spots are currently perched atop the balcony (10 metres above ground) and the ledge of the back wall where she’ll gaze haughtily at our neighbour’s two Rottweilers as they try desperately, loudly, crazily (and unsuccessfully) to reach her.

Yesterday, even the kids had to laugh when we spotted Coco stretched out on the top of the tyre under the wheel arch of our family car.

Yes, it is official – this cat can remain relaxed in the most stressful of situations.

Yet she isn’t asleep. Her mind is still completely focused.

It reminds me of a recent interview I did with the amazing Simon Borg Olivier of Yoga Synergy, where he remarked about the real power of yoga as the ability to remain present and relaxed in stressful situations.

As yoga teachers we often tell our students to practice yoga not just in the class, but in their everyday life.

Yet it is a challenge. When we are out of a studio it is so easy to forget to breathe, to allow our mind to wander and to feel our muscles begin to tense as we cope with the stresses in our day.

But next time I’m late for a meeting and find myself stuck in traffic or can’t find that elusive school sports top in sea of unwashed laundry, I will remind myself of this image of Coco – and how we need to savour every moment of life, however precarious….!

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And please let me know what you do to remind yourself to live in the moment – in a calm, relaxed way!