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Ten Minute Bliss Balls

These are the perfect antidote when you have an attack of the munchies,

they’re filling, nutritious, don’t taste like cardboard and take just ten minutes to make!

yummy bliss balls
yummy bliss balls



1/2 cup of honey

I cup of hulled Tahini

You can basically use almost any finely cut dried fruits and/or nuts and seeds,but for the bliss balls pictured, I used:

Dried cranberries

LSA (ground linseeds and almonds)






brazil nuts

finely chopped coconut

What you do:

Finely chop all ingredients and then combine with honey and tahini in a bowl.

Mix thoroughly until it is a sticky consistency.

On to a chopping board (or flat surface) pour about two cupfuls of coconut mix.

Then roll about a desert spoon worth of mixture into a ball and roll this all over the coconut until the surface is covered and is no longer “sticky”!

Do this with the rest of the mix and then put in the fridge.

After about half an hour, they should be ready to eat and will last about a week.