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Ten Minute Salad

Mix and match veggies, herbs, nuts, seeds and legumes to create a colourful, vibrant and healthy lunch
Mix and match veggies, herbs, nuts, seeds and legumes to create a colourful, vibrant and healthy lunch

Most of us are time poor, don’t eat nearly enough veggies and are a bit fed up with our domestic menu options… so that’s why the Ten Minute Salad is amazing.

Aim to have a daily salad if you can – especially good at lunchtime. This is my standard lunch and in one hit I’m getting more than half of the daily recommended intake of vegetables. But salads can be boring, so make sure you follow these tips:

logo-icon-10 Have heaps of healthy ingredients in your fridge all the time – and mis it up – buy veggies in season, don’t think because it isn’t lettuce or tomato you can’t add it into a salad. Raw cauliflour and broccoli florets are great in a salad. Use green beans, grated fennel and sometimes add in a bit of fruit such as grapes or mango.

logo-icon-4The second trick is to throw in a few legumes such as chick peas, kidney beans and/or lentils and if you want to be really swish add some LSA and/or chia seeds to the mix. It’s also a good idea to experiment with nuts and seeds which can literally add crunch to a tired old salads – try using sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flaked almonds orchop up any nut in your pantry for a bit of variety.

logo-icon-7Think about cooking some veggies – such as a few cubes of pumpkin or sweet potato then adding them warm to the salad – hard boiled eggs are also great in salads and mean you’ll be getting protein and iron in your salad.


logo-icon-2If you like a dressing then drizzle a little virgin olive oil or coconut oil onto your salad – perhaps grate a little lime or lemon rind into it all.


logo-icon-3Finally don’t forget to add some herbs – better still if they are home grown – in this salad I’ve put in a handful of basil, mint and coriander – all fabulous for the body and coriander is especially good for you as it is packed with antioxidants and a fabulous digestive aid.


Katie’s ten minute salad:


This salad in the picture include:

chick peas

red cabbage

coriander, mint and basil

grated carrot

grated beetroot

cherry tomatoes


And if you can’t eat it all in one hit then pop it in the fridge and serve it as an accompaniment for dinner 🙂

I would LOVE to hear what unusual and healthy ingredients you use in your salads or perhaps you have a fave salad – please write in with your ideas and tips – thank you!


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