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Monthly Archives: October 2013

NO Turning Back

Okay so it’s done. I’ve finally covered my car with a massive pink and purple ad promoting Ten Minute Tone. Wow. It’s a bit like when you join a gym – or commit to a fitness program.

No Turning Back!
No Turning Back!

You have to do it. There’s no going back. You’ve put your money on the line and no more prevaricating.

So… it’s official after planning Ten Minute Tone for more than three years now (yes, that’s right – I’m a busy mum!), it has finally entered the world – and hopefully will enable you to commit to your fitness routine.


What motivates you?


I’d love to hear from everyone out there as to what motivates you?

The best way to get started with a new project or fitness regime is as the famous Nike slogan states: Just Do it.

A friend (and extremely talented artist), Kathrin Longhurst, once told me that she went out one day and got business cards printed that simply stated: Kathrin Longhurst – artist.

At the time she had recently emigrated to Australia from Germany and was working as a photocopier saleswoman, but with that card in her hand and those words in black and white, she knew there was no going back. She was now an artist.

She’s since been hugely successful and it’s been fabulous to witness her journey. Her website is here.

And so what is it that YOU need to do to embark on your dream or to start that fitness plan or new project.

I could point you to the button that says: Join Now and once you’ve clicked – that’s it. The first step to a new YOU!