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Breathe in Colour

It’s been another night playing musical beds with your partner, your baby and the dog. You head in to the kitchen to find your four-year-old washing up the Ipad – what do you do?!

Well after turning off the taps, wiping down the Ipad, taking it apart and educating your offspring.

You should BREATHE…

Take a deep, deep breath in through the nose and then a long, slow breath out through the mouth. As you breathe out – let go of tension, tightness, negative feelings or worries.

As you breathe in – draw in lightness, softness and love and feel that filter through every cell of your body. Then take your attention into your body, allow your shoulders to soften and release from the ears, feel the jaw release and then begin to gently stretch and move. Ah… doesn’t that feel better?!

Did you know the best way to cope with the challenges of parenting is by breathing. Sounds too simple? well most of us either forget to breathe or we don’t take deep enough breaths.

And better still you don’t have to remember to pack it in the nappy bag – it’s there all the time – you just have to know how to use it.

Breathe in colour

Keep your breath slow and steady. If you can, breathe in and out through your nose, or in through your nose and out through your mouth. Have a sense of drawing in what you need with your inhalation, so it could be energy, vitality or serenity. Then let go of what you don’t need with your exhalation.

You may even like to visualise a colour – breathe in a white cleansing light which represents softness and clarity, then allow that to pervade your mind and body. As you breathe out, imagine a grey or smoky colour which symbolises anything you no longer need or is not helping you (ie: tension/tightness!).

Try to breathe all the way down to the diaphragm, being aware of the sternum lifting and the ribs expanding. As you exhale try to let go of any residual air in the base of the lungs by gently squeezing the navel to the spine at the end of the breath and lifting the pelvic floor – that way you’ll also improve your abdominal tone.

Most of us tend to hold on to the breath, especially when we are stressed or busy, which is exactly when we need to take deeper breaths. And don’t worry if you forget to do this, just gently reminding yourself every so often will be great – and the more you do remind yourself, then of course the easier and more natural it will become.

When we do take these slow deep breaths, we are drawing more oxygen-rich blood to our muscles, helping to release tension and fatigue, we are also allowing the free flow of hormones, which help to boost our sense of wellbeing and lift our mood.

Of course all this makes it much easier to deal with the trials and tribulations of your day – making you a much calmer parent, even when your little angel has found a marker pen and written all over themselves and the furniture…!

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